Sunday, May 18, 2014


Caleb wanted to head back to soccer this Spring.....and he jumped right in!  Chris found a travel league for him and it's been a blast for all 4 of us!  We started later in the season than the other kids, so Caleb's first tournament was actually the last one of the season......but soooo much fun!!!!

He LOVED it!  He loves being on a team and getting to know more "buddies".  He's such a social little boy and loves being part of a group - absolutely loves it!  He loves runnin and playin hard.  He got to play 3 games in 2 days and had a blast the whole time!

He did a great job hustling down the field the entire time.  Somehow he just doesn't get tired.....guess that's part of being a 7 year old boy!

And here are the members of his fanclub!......

Coach Daddy doesn't miss a moment of his practicies or his games.  

Seriously, does it get any sweeter?  A happy, sweaty little boy playing his heart out and laughing the whole time!

Fortunately for Alethia......SISTERS COME TOO!  Not only did she have fun cheering for Caleb, but she had fun playing with all the other sisters who tagged along!

Proud Daddy!  So proud of his little man!
Oh the Skinner men are first on my heart.....with the other little Skinner lady of course!

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