Sunday, May 18, 2014


How did that happen??  Our kids are almost finished first grade!  They have had such a wonderful year of's such a great gift!  It's amazing to me how in first grade they have really grown up a lot.  They started the year still like kindergarteners in my mind, but they are finishing as little readers who know history and science and math and are 7!!!!  What in the world?  7 is SO different than 6 in my mind.  I mean, 6 is still lumped in with 5 in my mind, but I lump 7 with 8 and 9 and that means they are real KIDS.  Not cute little people anymore! (of course they still ARE  cute, but you know what I mean!)

We have absolutely LOVED their school and their teacher.  They have learned so much but more than that, they have felt loved and accepted and special.  They have even more adults in their lives who are showing them love and encouraging them in every way.  I believe that is what all of us from our parents, but also love from other adults and kids of all ages.  That is what they have received this year and for that I am eternally grateful.

I love hearing their stories from school each day.  One of my favorites was during the first week of school.  Caleb said that he wanted to play with one of the older kids but she said that she didn't want to play with him.  He said he felt kinda sad but a boy in his class came over to him and said, "It's ok.  Don't listen to the mean ones.  Do you want to be best friends?"  Caleb said yes of course and off they went to play!  If only we could all have that perspective!!!

Sweet, sweet Alethia.  I love this little girl so much!  At night she blesses Chris and I when we put her to bed.  We take turns putting the kids to bed and it's such  sweet time with Alethia because in those last minutes of the day she wants to tell you EVERYTHING from her day at school.  What happened in morning work, what happened at recess, what they played in PE, who are BFF's, who wants to marry who.  She just talks and talks and talks.  I love how she sees the world.  The world of girls at school is so different from the world of boys......and I love hearing it all!

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