Sunday, May 11, 2014


So, I don't know if it's like this for other people with disabilities, but for us there's always a lot going on behind the scenes.  This week leading up to the event Chris' allergies got much worse, he got a pressure sore from his wheelchair, he got a UTI, his shoulder and upper back pain got much worse, adjustments had to be made on his surfboard (elbow pads added, wedge and handle bars moved back and fiberglassed finished at 10:30 the night before), and Chris had to line up several people to be on his "team".  Those on his team had to be flexible with their schedules because we weren't able to find out what time he would surf until late the night before.  

The day of the event, when we arrived Chris was getting ready to get into his beach wheelchair but had some unexpected medical hiccups that Chris had to endure.  
BUT we made it!!!!!

These are our good friends who took care of the kids and Zoey the Wonder Dog for us while Chris was in the water.  Couldn't have done it at all without them!

Alethia started out with some remaining ear pain from an ear infection earlier in the weight, but once she got medicine she was back at play!!!

Chris is such a gentleman.......we have to bring his beach wheelchair with us on a trailer hooked to the back of our van.  Chris knows that this stresses me out (not sure why, it's not complicated!), so he asked our friend below to come the night before the event and hook up the trailer so that I wouldn't even have to THINK about how to do it!  He always takes care of me!

It was great!  Below are the 3 surfers in the adaptive surf was a great day.....awesome watching!

Everyone was all smiles!

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