Sunday, May 18, 2014


One of my favorite things about Caleb's soccer league is how the coaches run practice.  They have over 30 boys under the age of 8 that they are in charge of.  It could be mass-mayhem, but it's not.  The coaches demand and expect respect and manners. 

After the second practice, I noticed that when he first leaves the field Caleb answers everything, "Yes ma'am" or "Yes sir".  There are a lot of "pleases" and "thank yous' as well.  Chris said that during practice the coaches make the boys use manners, speak kindly to each other, and work together as a team in different drills.  This is music to my ears!

They also emphasize the importance of passing the ball rather than always keeping it and taking a shot.  We all want our shot though, don't we?  I know I do a lot of the time.  We all want the glory and the shine, we want our name on the wall or in the paper.  We want the "moment" that made the game or made the event.  But the majority of the work comes from the passes down field.  Without the passes the shot never gets set up.  It's one of those life-long lessons that we have to keep learning, and I'm so thankful that soccer can bring it to Caleb while reminding us adults of it as well!

It takes a lot more self control to pass the ball and let the others shine.  Go get em Bubba......pass it and let them shine!

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