Monday, May 19, 2014


I am so blessed.  Blessed.  Very Blessed.  
I have a husband who loves me, two of the best kids on the planet, and I live in this place.......

I can't explain how joyful I feel that this is the way we spend our weekends and some weekdays after school and work.  

I am truly living a dream life.  

Surfing, splashing, covered in sand.....paddleboards and kayaks - awesome.  I live on vacation.  Who gets to do this??!!??

Chris bought me a paddleboard, and Alethia and I go out on it at a nearby lake about once per week.  It's so relaxing and refreshing and fun!

This night we went to a friend's wedding.  Afterwards half the wedding attendees grabbed surfboards and headed to the beach!  Our kids jumped right in there with them!  So fun!

Caleb saved his money for a kayak and he absolutely loves it.  So much fun chatting with him while I'm on my paddle board and he's in his kayak.  Of course the chatter is non-stop, which I LOVE and cherish!  

I just love that our kids play and play and play some more.  
And I get to play along with them!!!

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