Thursday, May 14, 2015


In the mornings before school Chris does a bible time with the kids that we ALL look forward to.  The kids are always disappointed if we wake up late or are just running slow and can't do it.  

Some times he has them do art work to remember a story and other times they jut relax and soak it all in while they eat.  

Caleb LOVES to learn facts and hear stories.  Chris has them role play different scenerios to challenge themselves in how to verbalize their beliefs and how to handle different situations with their friends in class or on the playground based on what they studied.  I LOVE listening to the discussion and questions and views of al 3 of them!

I'm so grateful for Chris and his devotion to me and his devotion to Caleb and Alethia, to teach, encourage, and love us in every way

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