Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today they thaw our embryos. I don't know what time they start or what time they'll be fully thawed. The doctor said to come in at 12:15 for the procedure unless they call us beforehand to say that the embryos did not make it through the thawing process. UGH!

Yes, a bit anxious in my stomach to say the least!

Chris had a good idea for all of us to do "something" this morning, anything to fill the time. We decided to go to the mall. Chris is got a haircut and the kids got soft pretzels.....the time was filled. We got home around 11:30, dropped off the kids at our neighbor's and headed to the doctor. NO PHONE CALL. Thank you Lord!

We arrived and asked immediately if they made it through the thawing and the answer was yes!
We went to our room, got booties on our feet and blue hats on our heads. Then they gave me a valium! Last time I didn't have one, but this time I thought it was a great idea! My insides were going a mile a minute. I was soooo excited to do this!

Our embryologist, Lilly, came in and said we had a decision to make - sure, give me valium and THEN ask me to make a decision! Thank goodness Chris was in his right mind! She said that two of the embryos thawed extremely well and looked very strong. She said that when they got to the right temperature and fluid balance they both immediately started "hatching" and the part that would attach to the uterus and become the umbilical cord was coming out just as it should. However our third embryo didn't look as strong. She said it was still viable but it wasn't really doing anything. She recommended that she watch it for 2-3 more days and if it starts to "do what it's supposed to" then she can refreeze it. She said that she thinks it may have been frozen at day 3 or 4 of life rather than day 6 of life like the other 2. We've always gone with the doctor/embryologist recommendation in the past when it comes to things like this, so we did that again. She said with the other 2 being so strong if we implanted the third we really could have a strong chance for triplets which is dangerous for the babies and for me. We decided to have her watch our third and to implant the two.

I got to look at the embryos through the microscope before getting on the table so that was exciting. There wasn't a way for Chris to see it because of accessibility but Lilly made a picture of them for us to take so that Chris could see them too.

After the procedure they told me I'd have to be on complete bedrest for 3 days and then not lift over 5 pounds for the next 2 weeks! AAAh! I was supposed to work the next 2 days and I usually help Chris with most of his care! But we told our neighbors and would have to trust the Lord to provide help!

So we headed home and to the couch!

Now for the 10 day wait until the pregnancy test.......

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