Thursday, December 1, 2011


I finished the birth control and did one more ultrasound for my doctor to "practice" implanting the embryos so that he could know the exact angles and size of the catheter that he'd need to use. At this same appointment the nurse showed me how to do my shots of Lupron - one shot per day in the stomach.

Chris had a great idea to do the shot right before i fall asleep. In the first two in vitro cycles I did the shots at 8:00 and every night at 8:20 I started crying.....yes, it really was that exact! So this time he figured if I wait to do the shot until right before I climb into bed to sleep it would spare both of us the tears! He was right. I don't remember crying once after taking the Lupron. What a gift! Thanks for the idea Sweetheart!

I gave myself the Lupron shots for 2 week I think before starting the estrogen patches. I started with one estrogen patch but then increased up to 4 patches. The last week before implant and afterwards I started progresterone shots twice per day. These are the big shots - in the muscle of the hip. Since I'm so blessed to live in a building filled with nurses, I was able to have friends give me the shots each day. Four of my nurse friends rotated days and gave me my shot in the hip - I can't tell you how much this helped me! It was such a gift to not have the pressure of doing my own shots. Thank you ladies!

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