Sunday, May 18, 2014


When we moved to Myrtle Beach Chris and I were both praying a lot about finding a church where we could really learn about Jesus, worship God through music, and make friends with people who also love the Lord.  One of the main things on my heart was for it to be a place where all four of us individually could hear God's voice and feel His love for us as we learn more about Him.  Our first trip to Seacoast Vineyard was that EXACTLY.  When we arrived people were very friendly and quick to talk to me and quick to talk to Chris.  That doesn't always happen.  Sometimes when we go places people are hesitant to talk to Chris, or just tend to look at me and talk to me more than him.  But that wasn't the case here!  It was great!  Right off the bat, that made me feel at home.  We dropped the kids off and they ran right into the room.  There was worship music, games, and kids, so they were ready to go!
The whole service was great.  The teaching spoke right to my heart and mind, the worship made it easy for me to really focus on God and worship Him with freedom.  I walked out of the service feeling pretty confident that this was going to be our church.  We picked up the kids and they had a blast!  They talked so fast and were so excited about the worship songs and the band that led them in worship, and the games that they played.  When we asked specific questions about what they learned, THEY HAD ANSWERS!  They practically recited an entire lesson plan!  They were both begging us to come back to this church next week!  Afterwards when Chris and I had a chance to talk, he said his experience was like mine.  It just felt like home and felt like the "fit" that we had been praying for.

We have been going there about a year now and I have truly been able to hear God speak to me more clearly during our church service than I have in a while.   I get in church and it's like it all just flows.  I ask the Lord to show me His ways for me, what I should focus on specifically with my daily life and daily interactions and situations.  And it's just clear.  What a gift He is giving me right now.  I am so thankful for this time with Him each week.  When there are Sundays that we can't make it to church I definitely miss it!  And the friendships that we have made through church have been great!

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers so clearly and so quickly.  It gives me such a deep rest in my soul to feel at home in this new Church body.

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